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Actually, politicians, superPACs and mainstream media all produce "garbage, lies, one-sided, propaganda, repetitive and boring" because we don't have any institutions that are informing the electorate with the information we must have to make rational decisions on issues and candidates. No wonder the majority "don't feel that being informed is important," they have every reason to believe that "bullshit" is all that politicians feed the electorate today.

Thus it is imperative that university scholars take responsibility for producing an "Informed Electorate" during the 2012 election cycle, especially those in Interdisciplinary Studies emphasizing social sciences, the humanities, and professional schools (Like J-schools) and colleges to make a difference in 2012.

University scholars are our last resort for perpetuating American Democracy for We The People.

After all, education is supposed to be the cornerstone of American Democracy so the future is in the hands of the university scholars, or American Democracy shall most certainly drown in bullshit, along with our civilization's last hope.

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